2019 W.E. furniture library

2013 project Built Garden Pavilion
Pavilion, Nevele, Belgium
2013 project Built Holiday House
Residential, Ghent, Belgium
2011 project Built House C
Residential, Destelbergen, Belgium
2017 project Unbuilt Office Building NT
Sint-Niklaas, Belgium
2020 collateral House for an Artist
2005 collateral Contour
Biënnale for Moving Image, Mechelen, Belgium
2003 collateral Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens
Collaboration with Atelier Van Lieshout and Artist Santiago Sierra, Deurle, Belgium
2012 W.E. furniture light
stainless steel
2005 W.E. furniture desk
multiplex with stainless steel key
laquered aluminium with rubber key

W.E. library ’19 reinterprets a wooden design from 2007 as an aluminium version lacquered in a palette of four different colours. The search for tension within the colours is close to the attitude of Mark Rothko. Trough reflection one colour merges towards another; the blending colours create openness. The library is developed as a flat pack piece easy to assemble and might be placed horizontally as well as vertically. The piece is available in 10 different colour combinations.

photos: Filip Dujardin